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Why should we add coaching to teaching?

  • To stand out in the crowd and be more relevant to your students.

  • To deliver more than just language lessons, but a life changing experience.

  • To be in touch with a whole new world of development opportunities.

  • To learn how to focus and pursue your own goals.

  • To have a more competitive edge in an era where technology constantly brings new language learning solutions.


Boost your lessons, enhance your results

More than only a language lesson

Most of the time we are worried about our students' cognitive development and language acquisition. Have we perhaps been missing a chance to work on their behavioural skills?

Coaching tools and techniques can really add up to your classes. It's harder for adult students to commit to their learning when there's so much to do, right? On the other hand, they always find time and energy to study the language when they have an important test coming up, such as an opportunity for a promotion at work. So, my question is, why don't they keep the same level of dedication and discipline most of the time, so that they don't need to struggle when they come across situations where English is required? Most likely because they lack on strategies to keep engaged in the process. It's not only about motivation, it's also about what to do when motivation fails and you still have to deliver the results. It's about endurance and accountability to themselves, before anyone or anything else.

And this is what you will learn to promote here: a fully engaged and committed student!

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